A compendium of knowledge about aesthetic medicine

A compendium of knowledge about aesthetic medicine: Aesthetic medicine is a branch of medicine that is constantly gaining popularity and although it was once often confused with plastic surgery, today people more and more often see the differences and are more and more willing to get acquainted with what this medicine has to offer. There are many treatments performed within it, and even if effectiveness is the main feature that stands out, it is not their only advantage. What else can you count on when reaching for them? What exactly are these treatments? We are going to tell you all about this in our article.

What exactly is aesthetic medicine?

Aesthetic medicine is a very wide field within medicine, dealing with widely understood actions in the field of improving beauty. It is for this reason that people often equate it with plastic surgery, and although it is really close to it, it lies somewhere between it and cosmetology. Doctors working in the field of aesthetic medicine must have knowledge of both anatomy and dermatology or cosmetology, always approaching the needs of a specific patient individually.

Aesthetic medicine always tries to use minimally invasive (or completely non-invasive) approaches to subsequent treatments. Contrary to the aforementioned surgery, the changes performed by it are natural and stimulate the cells in the body to work more intensively, but they are also relatively unstable as a result. However, nothing prevents you from repeating them with almost any regularity. Stimulation of natural cellular processes in aesthetic medicine allows you to eliminate the signs of aging, but also to improve minor problems with the figure and posture. It also gives you the opportunity to get rid of unsightly scars. Instead of a scalpel, you use a laser, injection or micro-puncture here, as a result getting rid of the need to use stitches, but also to undergo any convalescence, as in the above-mentioned plastic surgery .

Overview of treatments within aesthetic medicine

When deciding to take advantage of the benefits of aesthetic medicine, we actually have a very wide range of activities. Within it, there is a place for many procedures, many of which touch on the same issues, but in a slightly different way. The most popular treatments are:

      • endermology – this treatment is actually a vacuum massage, in which skin folds are sucked in by a special device and then intensively massaged; as a result, the subcutaneous fat (and therefore the one responsible for cellulite) is broken down, which is then automatically excreted;
      • cryolipolysis – this procedure uses cold to destroy fat cells – they are simply frozen in the world; this allows for almost any modeling of virtually any part of the body (including the chin or jaw), but requires patience – the process itself can take up to several weeks;
      • cavitation liposuction – this procedure uses ultrasounds, which are introduced under the skin through a special device; thanks to them, fat cells are broken down, and the body itself copes with their subsequent excretion;
      • mesotherapy – currently one of the most popular facial treatments; within it, a special substance is introduced into the deep layers of the skin, which is designed to provide it with a lot of beneficial ingredients and affect its appearance (for example by eliminating wrinkles); the most common choice here is hyaluronic acid, and often also vitamins A, E, C, but also substances of plant origin – green tea extract or caffeine;
      • laser liposuction – this procedure involves dissolving fat via a laser beam – the tip of the device is inserted under the skin and then it melts the fat; this, in turn, is either naturally removed by the body, or sucked out (if necessary);
      • laser therapy – in this treatment, laser light (as opposed to the laser liposuction described above) goes directly to the skin, perfectly coping with scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, among others; also works well for getting rid of tattoos; –
      • filling – aesthetic medicine also deals with filling with hyaluronic acid, most often used in lip augmentation procedures, but also in getting rid of wrinkles.


Although aesthetic medicine has existed in the world for many years, it has started to be popular relatively recently. It is based not only on effectiveness, but also – and perhaps above all – on a non-invasive and friendly to the human organism treatment method. Even if the effects of actions in the field of this type of medicine are not constant, and we have to repeat the actions taken within it, it is still something that we should decide on – especially since it is based more on nature and less on artificial and often harmful substances.