Cellulite – how to get rid of it effectively?

Cellulite – how to get rid of it effectively? Cellulite, commonly known as orange peel, is a defect that affects most women. It appears most often on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. It takes the form of unevenness and lumps on the skin. Interestingly, cellulite is not caused by overweight or age – both young and slim women, as well as older women of larger size are at risk of its appearance. To get rid of it, it is not enough to use a cream or cosmetic. It is necessary to proceed comprehensively – taking action on many levels gives the best chance to effectively get rid of cellulite.

Cellulite – what is it? What are the causes of the occurrence?

Cellulite is a compact fatty tissue that instead of spreading evenly under the skin, gathers into lumps, causing characteristic protrusions and dimples. It is caused by improper work of fat cells. This is why cellulite is most common in places where body fat is most abundant – on the buttocks and thighs. Women with excess kilograms suffer from this defect most often, but it is not a rule. Lean women also have body fat that can break down unevenly. It is certain, however, that 99 percent of cellulite affects women. This is due to the fact that the adipose tissue of men is built completely differently – it bonds with the connective tissue, preventing it from clumping into lumps. There are many causes of cellulite.It can be both genetic susceptibility, certain diseases, e.g. problems with blood circulation, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

The reasons can also be as prosaic as wearing too tight clothes a lot. It then puts pressure on the blood vessels that are unable to function properly. Any manifestations of an unhealthy lifestyle also greatly contribute to the appearance of cellulite. Lack of exercise, sedentary work, and long hours spent at the desk make the lymphatic system not working properly. Toxins and metabolic products are not discharged, but remain in cells, damaging them. Cellulite can also be the result of taking hormonal contraceptives or certain medications – here it all depends on the body and its efficiency in eliminating toxins.

How to effectively get rid of cellulite?

In order to effectively get rid of cellulite, you should first of all look at your habits and lifestyle. If you move little and eat large amounts of processed foods, start by eliminating these factors. Increased physical activity and a healthier diet rich in fruit and vegetables are essential. Adequate hydration of the body is also very important – thanks to it, toxins are removed much more efficiently. So let’s find a form of activity that will please us and it will be a regular activity. One-off bursts do not make sense, because cellulite cannot be removed in a few days. The body must have a chance to regenerate and improve cell function, and this takes time. It’s great for running, cycling or swimming.Another element that is worth introducing is massages. You can take advantage of those offered by professional offices, but a massage performed in the comfort of your home can work just as effectively. For massage, it is worth using a cosmetic based on natural ingredients, and all body lotions and creams that firm the skin will work especially well.

The cosmetic should be massaged in with intense movements, but be careful not to damage the skin. Ingredients to look for in creams and lotions are all ingredients that stimulate the epidermis to regenerate (e.g. caffeine), improve circulation (plant extracts, e.g. from red algae) and tighten and smooth the skin. A popular anti-cellulite cosmetic that you can make yourself at home is coffee peeling. To create it, coffee grounds and olive oil are used.Such a peeling will not only remove dead epidermis making the body smoother, but left for a few minutes as a mask stimulates the process of reducing body fat. It is also worth remembering that if nothing else works, there are a number of professional treatments supporting the removal of cellulite, which every beauty salon offers.

How to prevent cellulite?

Preventive action should primarily include a healthy, active lifestyle. This is absolutely essential, not only to keep your body smooth, but also to improve your overall appearance and function. Limiting stimulants, a balanced diet rich in nutrients and a regular dose of exercise is a must. Avoid all products that retain toxins in the body – excess sugar, salt, fast food. Prophylactically, it is also worth using massages and skin firming cosmetics in places particularly exposed to cellulite. A great way is to dry brush your body. This treatment can be successfully performed at home and consists in brushing the whole body from the bottom up – but remember to choose a good brush with natural bristles for this purpose.All these methods will increase the chance of avoiding cellulite, but you can never be sure, because its appearance is related to many interconnected factors.

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