How eco-friendly are wooden houses

How eco-friendly wooden houses are – an ecological house is by definition a house designed to have minimal impact on the environment. Construction uses materials and technologies that minimize CO2 emissions and consume relatively little energy. The eco-house design differs in that the most environmentally friendly materials are used during construction. Environmentally friendly solutions are used in the selection of wood, thermal insulation materials and wooden elements.

Ecology and energy efficiency are the quintessence of building a modern house

How do eco wooden houses affect the natural environment? Currently, investors focus not only on natural materials for construction and insulation, but also try to use the most natural raw materials for interior decoration, reducing the consumption of petroleum products. What are modern and human-friendly houses made of? These are modular houses made of glued wood , currently extremely popular among people who want to live in a healthy home climate. It is also a very economical solution, because electricity bills are reduced by 70 percent. What’s more, they are distinguished by high quality and durability, thanks to which they serve for many years. Ecology is felt as soon as you enter the house, it is pleasant and comfortable to stay in.

Natural building materials and innovative technologies – a dream house

Although it is believed that the construction of wooden houses was already known in the old days, the method of erecting them cannot be compared to the currently used technologies and materials. The production of natural materials is the result of a high-quality process and innovative solutions. Traditional technologies for building wooden houses are being improved , allowing for the continuation of tradition, providing materials of higher quality with new technical possibilities. Green building is a serious construction industry that is constantly gaining popularity.

Building an ecological wooden house from scratch, using enough dry wood and preventing moisture from entering the building, will ensure a good climate and air quality. The excellent microclimate in an ecological glued laminated timber house provides the material with properties in a dry environment to give off moisture and absorb moisture. In order to preserve the environmental factor, it is necessary to choose the right factors during construction and ensure that the joints are sealed.

Wooden construction and its impact on the surrounding environment

A modern eco house is built as tightly as possible, thus ensuring the maintenance of heat in the room and reducing heat consumption. At the same time, environmental problems appear, i.e. lower consumption of fossil fuels, greater use of renewable resources. As a consequence, proper ventilation in the HBE eco house is necessary to ensure the supply of fresh air, maintain the appropriate level of humidity and achieve a comfortable stay. Important! The hbe technology is based solely on the use of glued laminated timber. Beams made of coniferous wood are used, most often spruce, pine, larch, which are joined vertically with a double tongue and groove.

To provide the eco-home concept, a home must include some or all of the following:

      • The insulation level of the eco-house should be higher than normal
      • The tightness of a glulam modular house is better than usual
      • Eco daylight should be used to the maximum
      • The glazing of the windows should face south to make the most of the heat and sunlight
      • HBE houses provide the opportunity to collect solar heat
      • In the northern part of the eco-house, use as little glazing as possible to avoid unnecessary heat loss
      • Provide a heat recovery system
      • Ecological home heating uses renewable resources – soil heat, solar energy
      • Use solar panels to raise funds to heat homes with green energy
      • Rainwater storage
      • The temperature in an ecological glulam house can be regulated by geothermal heating, while providing a soundproof building and releasing oxygen.

Can a modern ecological house be a luxury space?

Can it be a historic building while still providing all the amenities? An ecological house does not automatically mean belonging to ascetic design and minimalism. Modern designers and architects can take into account all customer wishes in an ecological house in hbe technology . Just because such a home is eco-friendly doesn’t mean giving up amenities or design desires. On the contrary, dazzlingly beautiful buildings can be insulated or equipped with photovoltaics. Solar panels are one of the cleanest ways to generate energy as no energy or CO2 is produced in the process.

The eco house is the future of the frame house. Thanks to the ecological HBE house, you will be able to be closer to nature and a clean environment. A modern, luxurious eco-friendly laminated timber modular house is also a smart home that allows the owner to regulate the house with a smart device even while away from him. All environmentally friendly appliances, heating, electricity and other communications are combined into one system that can be automatically regulated, which saves energy.

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