How much for washing and painting the facade?

How much for washing and painting the facade? There is no doubt that washing and painting the facade is necessary if we want it to be in good condition. We can try to clean the facade ourselves or decide to outsource this task to someone else. However, if we decide to commission someone to paint or wash our facade, we must take into account certain costs. So before we choose a specific company that will paint our facade, it would be good to find out what kind of costs we will have to incur. As it turns out, different companies may have different price lists.

Why does the facade need to be cleaned?

Many people wonder why the facade of the building needs to be properly cleaned. However, most people quickly stop thinking about it. Particularly problematic are bright facades, where various types of dirt become visible very quickly. There is no denying that each façade on the building will have to deal with pollution from really different sources. Rain and snow are problematic. Unfortunately, this precipitation is very often associated with the fact that dust and various types of dirt settle on the facade. If we have animals, they can also pollute the façade with their paws. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to fight it, especially in the countryside. If we have a fenced property, there is little chance that a stray dog ​​will dirty our house. However, it cannot be completely ruled out. It is worth realizing that houses located near a busy road will get dirty faster. Unfortunately, this cannot be completely avoided. It would also be good to be aware of the fact that the façade of buildings located in the vicinity of large industrial plants quickly gets dirty. If we live in a quiet and peaceful village, we can count on the fact that our façade will not be polluted so quickly. Nevertheless, they cannot be avoided and you should be aware of this.

What is worth knowing about cleaning and painting the facade and what costs are associated with it?

As already mentioned above, the facade of most buildings, both residential and commercial, requires regular cleaning. Without this, they will not be presented in the way we would expect. It will therefore be advisable to consider when it is worth cleaning and when to paint the facade. You definitely need to clean it regularly. However, if it is already extremely dirty and a lot of time has passed since the last painting, this operation should be repeated. It would be good to realize that neither cleaning nor painting the facade is cheap. You have to take into account that in the case of painting, the price is usually given for one square meter.

Therefore, it is necessary to calculate how much cost is associated with the implementation of the entire project. It turns out that in the vast majority of cases, for painting the facade we will pay about PLN 20-35 for one square meter. You have to reckon with the fact that it can also be expensive to remove old paint. In the case of facade cleaning, we can also count on different prices. Much depends on whose services we use. Nevertheless, many people decide to clean the facade on their own. However, you must be aware that this process is quite time-consuming and requires appropriate accessories and devices. So, if we do not know how to do this, we have no choice but to use the services of a professional. So it would be good to get acquainted with various offers to choose the best one.

How to choose good professionals?

There is no denying that most of us would prefer to have a carefully cleaned or painted facade. Therefore, you should be prepared for the need to review several or even a dozen different offers. It is worth finding out how many companies offering cleaning and painting facades operate in our area. Of course, we will have the largest selection of professional companies in large and dynamically developing cities. In small towns, however, companies offering refreshing the facade can also operate. There is no denying that it can be helpful to compare opinions on individual specialists. The more positive opinions about a company, the better, of course.

It would also be good to trust your first impression of a particular company. It’s impossible to hide that for the vast majority of people it is important what price list each company will have. So all we have to do is compare the price lists. However, let’s not be guided only by the lowest price. Price should always go hand in hand with quality. Otherwise, there is a high probability that we will not be satisfied with the choice we made. It would also be good to bear in mind that cleaning and refreshing the facade are activities that will have to be repeated from time to time.


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