How to disable Google Ads?

How to disable Google Ads? Google Ads is very popular these days. However, this is not surprising if we consider how many advantages this type of solution brings. Sometimes, however, we decide to disable or cancel the account. Contrary to appearances, this activity is very easy and does not require above-average skills from us. What should we know before deleting an account? How does the account cancellation process work? How to cancel a Google Ads account? Who can decide to cancel a Google Ads account? How to recover a canceled Google Ads account? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

What should we know before deleting an account?

If we are not satisfied with a given Google Ads campaign, the account may be canceled at any time. When we decide to take this step, any advertisements will be automatically stopped within 24 hours. However, we must not confuse the concept of liquidation with disposal. The former, despite the fact that it interrupts the display of advertisements, does not mean that we will lose access to our account, which is worth bearing in mind. It looks completely different in the case of deletion – it causes the loss of all permanently linked accounts. Interestingly, our Gmail username also disappears, and it is not possible to recover it. However, before we decide to liquidate, we should remember about several important issues from the user’s point of view. First of all, it enables the recovery of funds, which were not used during the campaign. This does not include the funds we have from promotional offers. If we ever decide to use a liquidated account, then it will not be possible without its reactivation. Let us remember that if we do not have any funds on the account, it will be more reasonable to suspend the entire campaign – the effects in both cases are the same.

How does the account cancellation process work?

When we are interested in canceling a Google Ads advertising account, we must remember to pay all accrued costs. If we still have any funds left, they will be refunded within four weeks. For this purpose, Google employees will use the payment method we use. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that despite the liquidation of the account, we can still access the data. Just log in to our panel. What’s more, if we want to use this service again in the future, then it is possible to re-enable the account, which we write about later in the article.

How to cancel a Google Ads account?

Before we start the account cancellation process, we need to make sure we have administrative access to it. In addition, it will not be possible without configuring the payment settings on our account, otherwise the withdrawal of the remaining money will not be possible. As for the liquidation itself, it takes us a very short time. It’s not complicated, just follow the directions. First, we decide to log in to the Google Ads account. Once done, click on the wrench icon – it should be in the upper right corner. Now we go to the “Configuration” section, where we look for an option called “Settings”. Next, click on the “Account status” section, thanks to which it will expand.

Who can decide to cancel a Google Ads account?

By deleting the Google Ads account, the ads stop showing within 24 hours of notification. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to recover the remaining money, not including the additional ones that are awarded by Google. After liquidation, however, we still have access to the data in the account. Let us remember that self-liquidation is possible, provided that the payment method has been configured on the account. As for the automatic liquidation of the account – it takes place after 15 months without payment.

How to recover a canceled Google Ads account?

Each time we can regain access to our account, which will allow us to continue any campaign. When we look in “Preferences”, then our eyes should reveal the account status as “Cancelled”. After restoring the account after a long break, let’s make sure that the remaining funds have definitely been returned, and maybe they can still be used for clicks. If we want to re-activate previously closed accounts, then we log in first, if it is possible at all. Then go to tools and press “Configuration”. Go to the “Preferences” tab and then to “Account status”. There you should see an option called “Reactivate my account”. After you do this, your account status will change to active.

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