How to open the external roller shutter cassette

How to open the external roller shutter cassette. External roller shutters have many unquestionable advantages, more and more often they are treated simply as one of the elements of finishing the house. It is also worth installing blinds on the roof windows. They effectively protect against excessive heating of rooms, especially in summer. Thanks to the use of technological facilities, external roller shutters are usually remotely controlled and powered by electricity or solar power.

Types of external roller shutters and the method of installation

External roller shutters differ mainly in the method of installation, if they are planned at the planning stage of the building, you can choose such a method of installation that they are almost invisible. Standard surface-mounted roller shutters can be installed at any time, they are a good solution for apartment dwellers who cannot afford any interference in the building structure. In this case, the roller shutter box is clearly visible above the window, but its color can be matched harmoniously to the facade of the building, then it becomes invisible.

On the other hand, top-mounted external roller shutters are mounted directly to the unoccupied window and inserted into the recess, assembly to the window frame makes them form a uniform, coherent whole together with the window.

Installation of flush-mounted external roller shutters is associated with the removal of the outer layer of the facade, thanks to which the box with the roller shutter is completely invisible, hidden in the facade of the building. External roller blinds installed in this way make them completely invisible when raised, which is a great aesthetic value for the appearance of the entire window.

External roller shutters – installation in the window lintel, this is done at the stage of erecting the building. Lintel roller shutters have a hard frame with reinforcement, all parts are completely covered, and when raised, they are completely hidden in the wall of the building.

Support for external blinds

External roller shutters are a barrier for our windows, they protect them from the harmful effects of external factors such as snow, rain and wind. It should be remembered that when an exceptionally strong wind blows, the external blinds should be rolled up and completely hidden in the cassette or completely closed, under no circumstances should they be partially open, because the gusty wind can bend and permanently damage the roller shutter armor.

Facade blinds should also not be lowered if there is no permanent support under the guides, such as a window sill or floor. Lowering the external blinds may cause the curtains to slip out of the guides and the entire structure may be damaged. Before lowering the blinds, the surface must be checked for any snow or unnecessary obstacles, it should be thoroughly cleaned so that the facade blinds are lowered evenly.

Particular attention should be paid to the method of lowering the external roller shutters in winter, because then various types of icing occur at the junction of the roller shutter with the wall. Often icing occurs when the temperature oscillates around zero degrees C, because the falling rain with a slight plus quickly freezes when the temperature drops below zero. For the safety of external roller shutters, first check whether they are frozen and remove snow and frost. If the end batten freezes to the ground, it must not be lifted. If it is operated by an electric motor, it may be overloaded and damaged. Wet outdoor blinds can be rolled up into a box, and if the temperature drops below freezing, they will freeze and then will not go down. In such a situation, you must not leave them by force, If disturbing sounds are heard when operating an icy roller shutter in winter, you must immediately stop lowering the external roller shutters. During the winter, you should also be careful not to leave the blinds unsealed, there should be no gaps, because the accumulating and freezing water can lead to permanent damage to the armor and the blind.

External façade and access to the external roller shutter cassette

In a situation where there is a need to open the external cassette, remember that there is a service hatch at the bottom, which is closed by the so-called closing, to open it, just pull the flap down well. When masking the external roller shutter box, special attention must be paid to leave access to the service hatch, because the roller shutters are used daily and there may always be some problem in their use and the need to open the cassette. If there is no access to the hatch opening the cassette, the service may refuse to provide assistance, and the repair may involve costly damage to the facade of the building. External roller blinds or anti-burglary roller blinds should have guides installed in such a way that they are accessible. They come in different colors, so they can harmonize well with the facade of the building. The installation of the guides is also related to the covering of a part of the cassette with façade plaster. The maximum distance that the outer façade can overlap the guides should be 20 mm. Appropriate plastering allows free access and opening of the external roller shutter box without the need to damage the façade.

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