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Implants Szczecin – missing teeth adversely affect not only well-being and a sense of attractiveness, but also human health. It is therefore not surprising that people who experience tooth loss are looking for beneficial and effective solutions that will allow them to smile again without embarrassment. Many dentists believe that one of the best methods of treating missing teeth is the use of dental implants. Why should you choose dental implants? we answer.

Adverse effects of missing teeth

Many people mistakenly believe that missing teeth are merely an aesthetic problem. Nothing could be more wrong. Statistics in Poland show that every second Pole suffers from tooth loss. In fact, even the absence of one tooth can have an adverse effect on our health. Not only is it harder to chew food, but the teeth around the hole no longer have support, which can lead to their loss. On the other hand, the lack of some or all teeth changes the way you speak and pronounce specific sounds. Some time after tooth loss, there is also a change in facial expressions. Missing teeth also affect self-esteem because people then become ashamed of missing teeth, which often makes them withdraw from social life.

How do implants affect appearance and health?

Implants have a positive effect on the structure and physiological functions of the bones. They do not irritate the gums and are permanently attached, unlike dentures. After the treatment, the implants allow you to eat all foods without any problems. Using this method of filling missing teeth, problems with chewing and biting food disappear. Thanks to the use of implants, the adjacent teeth do not wobble, and the balance in the oral cavity is maintained.

Deciding on implants allows you to get permanent teeth. The color of the implants is selected individually for each patient, as well as the type of implants. Implant treatment not only allows you to fill in the empty spaces that were created as a result of tooth extraction, but it can also be a support for bridges or dentures, if they are implemented. It is worth considering the use of implants to be able to forget about shame forever and experience the comfort of eating meals again.

Dental implants – high durability and resistance

Dental implants are considered the most durable solution for replacing missing teeth. For the use of implants, it is not necessary to use adhesives and you do not have to worry about the risk of the prosthesis falling out. The lifetime of implants is determined from 10 to even 30 years and depends on many factors, i.e. health condition, experience of the dental office or the quality of the materials used. Implants may therefore only be necessary once in a lifetime. The implant fuses with the bone, so it is a very durable solution. The materials used also guarantee that the implant is resistant to damage and is not susceptible to discoloration. Implantology is a constantly developing branch of dentistry that allows you to regain a healthy and beautiful smile. Who doesn’t dream of a smile like a Hollywood star?

Convenience and aesthetics of dental implants

Dental implants compared to standard dentures fixed with glue, they are not conspicuous and it is very difficult to distinguish them from real teeth. They are deceptively similar in color and shape to normal teeth. Implants are carefully created by a prosthodontist who makes sure that they perfectly match the patient’s other healthy teeth and their color. Unlike standard dentures, implants do not cause discomfort associated with an improperly fitted denture. You also don’t have to watch what you eat. There is also no risk of the prosthesis falling out or shifting. All this contributes to their popularity. Implants do not require any additional hygienic procedures or the purchase of glue. It is enough to brush your teeth regularly after putting them on and do not forget about their proper and daily hygiene.

Implants Szczecin – the best way for missing teeth

Dental implants allow you to enjoy the full functionality of your natural teeth while speaking and eating. Implants stop bone loss and restore a fully natural smile. In addition, complete dentition makes you look much younger. Dental implants allow you to enjoy a beautiful smile without any worries. Losing a tooth, several teeth or the entire dentition is both an aesthetic and health problem. If you suffer from missing teeth, it is worth opting for dental implants. In the city of Szczecin, we will receive professional advice in the field of dental implants by making an appointment with dentists with many years of experience.

Finding a good dentist is troublesome, and when it comes to implants, Szczecin is a city where we can find professional dental offices offering implants at affordable prices.

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