Online promotional coupons from the organizational side

Promotional coupons are a great way to encourage your customers to buy more. They allow you to increase brand awareness and accelerate the promotion of new products on offer. However, their implementation is related to the need to have certain skills. It is similar with the marketing of codes itself, which presents us with the challenge of establishing cooperation with other entities. On top of everything, we are faced with the need to select tools that will enable their operation. Check how to organize sales and discounts using online promotional coupons.

A good promotional coupon is one that meets certain requirements

Whenever we use online promotional coupons, we ask ourselves: how many times will I be able to use a given code? Then we gain an overview of the situation and we are able to state how much the promotion is worth our attention. A simple trend continues among consumer behavior. If customers see that the coupon can be used endlessly, they begin to look deeper to see if the promotion is really real, and not just created to raise sales bars. A professional approach to the issue of promotional coupons requires the creation of unique codes. In addition, they should be adapted to the stage at which the person is at. The offer should be personalized, and the code should entitle you to a discount on the product range that the customer is really interested in. A man should not get a code for cheaper dresses,and a woman should not be rewarded with a code for a men’s watch. It’s also a good idea to avoid generic codes that don’t really feel privileged. They can of course be used as an incentive to subscribe to your newsletter, but they should not be made a priority.

Good online promotional coupons are those that can be redeemed in one of several selected ways. They can be available after clicking on the link, but also displayed in text form, where they will later be assigned to the appropriate section on the store’s website. The use of terminology here has a decisive impact on how the promotion will be received. Some are looking for a sale, while others want to feel special and use a one-time code for their next purchases. Remember to make it easier for users to redeem the promotion. Place a small symbol next to the code field under which you will see information explaining the process and description of the rules for participating in the promotion. Or you can use examples using past promotions to make it even easier to understand.

What tools allow you to use online promotional coupons?

If you are wondering what tools allow you to take advantage of online promotional coupons, you should go ahead and look at what you are already using. Most of today’s CMSs (content management systems) and online store systems enable their seamless integration without incurring additional costs. An example is Magento, where as standard, after logging in to the panel, we get a number of possibilities. We may generate any number of online promotional coupons under the conditions we specify. The codes will be valid for a certain period of time, formatted in the way we specify, and easy to analyze later. The analytical panel in this case is extensive and allows you to quickly realize how effective the organized promotion is.

Magento is a large system and not everyone is able to implement it. Other online stores such as WooCommerce and PrestaShop offer similar possibilities. However, to get the same effect, additional plugins and extensions will be needed. We will have to pay for more complex ones. As standard, we will be able to handle reusable coupons and organize simple sales on the basis of a percentage reduction. More advanced users with technical skills may decide to integrate with systems such as Uniqodo or – this will be possible thanks to the built-in API.

Online promotional code marketing – what is it about?

Creating hundreds or even thousands of online promotional coupons will have no effect if they are not properly promoted. The easiest way to get your users interested is to remind them of the codes that are already there. Anyone who has placed an order in the online store is saved in the database, which creates opportunities for e-mail marketing. It is worth taking advantage of these opportunities and encouraging customers to make further purchases by sending promotional coupons for special occasions. For larger orders, we can do the same and, for example, attach a promotional code in the form of a leaflet to the order.

Marketing of online promotional codes should take place within the internet. We can reach new people through aggregators that contain information about organized promotions. We can take advantage of the opportunities offered by these websites, such as Picodi and We will be able to advertise ourselves for free on most of these sites. Their owners care about increasing the bases and engaging users, so they will be able to help selflessly.