The Death of an Animal –How to Provide a Faithful Friend with a Worthy Burial?

The moment when a pet dies is usually extremely difficult for its owner. Pets such as dogs, cats and rodents, among others, are often much more than ordinary animals – they are full-fledged family members, best friends and faithful companions. When we live with them under the same roof and share our joys and sorrows with them, an extremely strong bond is formed between us – so it is not surprising that the pain after losing such a being is very strong and that we often want to say goodbye to her with due respect . As it turns out, it is not that simple in Poland. Fortunately, institutions such as the animal crematorium come to the rescue.

Legal issues

kreacja zwierząt ŁódźIn the light of Polish law, a deceased animal constitutes biological waste, which, due to the potential epidemiological threat, must be disposed of. Therefore, it is not allowed to individually bury a deceased friend in your own garden or, for example, in the forest – for this kind of behavior there is a very high fine. The simplest solution proposed by the state is to leave the pet’s body in a cold store in a veterinary clinic, from where it is later picked up by disposal specialists. To many people, however, such an option seems extremely unethical. After all, no loving owner wants his faithful companion to be burned among the rubbish – and, unfortunately, that’s how it usually happens.This is one of the reasons why using the services of a professional crematorium for animals turns out to be a much better proposition – it gives the possibility of providing a pet with a legal and at the same time worthy burial.

Principles of operation

Many incineration facilities also offer transport of the animal’s body – often free of charge. Some of them also cooperate with veterinarians – so if your pet died in the clinic, it is worth asking the doctor if he could suggest a proven crematorium for animals. If the dog, cat or hamster has passed away at home, its body should be properly secured – it is recommended to wrap it in a blanket or a towel, put it in a bag and store it in a cool place until the incinerator arrives.

Animal carcass incinerators usually offer two types of cremation – collective and individual. The former is a bit cheaper and involves burning the bodies of several animals together. In this case, the owners do not receive their pets’ ashes. In turn, when deciding on individual cremation, you have to take into account higher costs, but the dog, cat or rabbit is incinerated alone in one furnace, and the caretakers receive its ashes in a special, often chosen urn. The entire process takes, depending on the size of the animal, from about twenty minutes to even four hours. The price of such an operation is usually several hundred zlotys and also depends on how big the animal is.

Usually, in the case of both types of cremation, the people who run the crematorium for animals also give the owners time to say goodbye to the pet, and often provide services such as washing its body or brushing its hair so that it looks dignified in the last moments. As you can see, such institutions do everything to make the separation from your beloved pet respectful and as little painful as possible.

Cremation – What Next?

If the pet’s body is cremated individually and the owner receives an urn with ashes, he has several options to choose from. For example, he can take it home and keep his friend’s memento always close to him. These types of ashes containers are often made with great care and look very elegant, so you can even put them on the fireplace or in another place of honor. It is also possible to scatter or bury properly ashed remains of a beloved pet in your garden.

Another proposal is to buy a place in a special cemetery for animals – there are several such necropolises in Poland. From year to year, more and more people use them to provide their pets with a decent burial. Some of them also decide to buy extremely beautiful monuments, others are satisfied with a simple, simple tombstone. The cost of buying accommodation in such a cemetery is not very high, and using this option allows the owners to visit their deceased friends more or less regularly. It is worth considering burying the urn with your pet’s ashes in the animal necropolis – it’s a great way to show him respect for many years of selfless friendship and provide him with a dignified resting place.

The death of a beloved pet is always an extremely painful experience for its guardian. Polish legal regulations, by proposing very strict solutions, do not make it easier to deal with mourning – the soulless disposal of your friend’s body seems to many people unacceptable. Therefore, it is worth using the services of a crematorium for animals – thanks to such facilities, you can respect your deceased comrade farewell and provide him with a dignified burial, acting within the limits of applicable law.