The most popular form of manicure using hybrid gels

The most popular form of manicure using hybrid gels: When deciding to perform a manicure treatment, we are faced with quite a choice, because we can choose from many types of its implementation. We can choose, among others hybrid, gel or acrylic manicure. The most common form is, of course, the so-called hybrid, performed with the use of hybrid gels. The other two types are slightly less popular, i.e. gel and acrylic manicures. Why is the hybrid so popular among women and why are they becoming more and more common?

Manicure is the leader among cosmetic treatments

For several years, a growing trend related to manicure services can be noticed in the cosmetics industry. Polish women have become really fascinated with this type of services and they regularly visit beauty salons. Not so long ago, there was a rather subdued fashion for nails, but now you can observe different varieties of nails. A wide range and a large selection of hybrid gels make the stylizations often quite bold and varied. Their unique design definitely attracts the attention of other people.<

Along with the development of manicure services offered by professional cosmetic establishments, the popularity of this treatment has also increased among women themselves. Many ladies decided to take the matter into their own hands and they provided themselves with their own equipment, thanks to which they can personally perform beautiful stylizations for any occasion in their home. Such development of the industry caused, above all, the growth of all the tools needed to perform a hybrid manicure. What exactly is a hybrid manicure?

A few words about the hybrid

It is the hybrid manicure that dominates the most common cosmetic procedures related to nails. It seems that the popularity of this particular hybrid is related to the ease of execution and relatively long-lasting effects. Compared to gel nails, the hybrid has a much higher quality and durability. Thanks to this, the treatment does not have to be repeated too often, and the effect itself is really unique.
Comparing the acrylic manicure hybrid, we can see that the effects in terms of durability are quite similar. However, in this case, it should be taken into account that the implementation of acrylic requires much more experience, so that the acrylic manicure is usually done only by professional beauticians.

Hybrid manicure is really universal and durable. In addition, the advantage of this treatment is the fact that all products and accessories needed to perform it are cheaper than products for example acrylic manicure. Here, as an example, you can give hybrid gels , the price of which is lower than that of acrylic powders. This means that customers can afford regular nail treatments at a low price. In addition, it is worth emphasizing that the hybrid is made relatively quickly, because the execution time is up to about 1.5 hours. In practice, the implementation of the so-called hybrid is really relatively simple, so we can perform such a treatment in the privacy of our own home.

Diversity among hybrid gels

The moment we start looking for a suitable hybrid gel , we quickly come to the conclusion that the choice is really huge. All products of this type differ in several features, including:

      • gel consistency,
      • Colour,
      • phasing,
      • price,
      • capacity.

Referring to the above points, it is worth paying attention to the phasing of gels. Well, the phasing relates directly to the technique of working with a given gel. Going deeper into the subject, we can simply distinguish the 1st, 2nd and 3rd phase technique. This can be related to the 3 phases of a specific nail styling, i.e. the base phase, building phase and shine phase. In this situation, it is also necessary to mention the exact use of gels in a given phase. If we use a different gel for each layer, we are dealing with the 3rd phase technique, while if we use one gel for each layer, we are talking about the 1st phase technique.

To choose the right hybrid gel that will suit us in all respects, we need to do a really decent analysis. Too hasty decision may result in the final effect not being exactly as expected.

How to apply the gel?

If we have already made a decision and chose the appropriate hybrid gel , it is worth getting acquainted with how to apply it exactly. At the beginning, the most optimal option will be to use one gel as part of the entire procedure. The most important tips that may be useful when applying the gel relate primarily to its gentle and smooth application. For this reason, it is recommended that beginners choose gels with a medium-thick consistency for starters. This will allow it to be relatively easily applied to the plate or form, and in addition, we will avoid unnecessary spilling of the gel on the cuticles.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that all the rules of nail styling among professional beauticians tell us that we should start applying any products with the hardest ones. Then we should apply more flexible products, thanks to which we will be sure that each subsequent product on the nails will properly stick to the previous layer.