Trampolines – fun for the whole family

Trampolines – fun for the whole family: The times when a sandbox, hula-hoop or jumping rope were enough for children to play in the yard are a thing of the past. Today, parents who meet the needs of their children, wanting to give them a lot of joy and at the same time take care of their physical development – invest in springboards!

Although the trampoline may initially evoke associations with circus acrobatics or professional gymnastics, it is now becoming an increasingly popular home appliance. Although it may be home-made, it is wrong to say – they are used primarily outdoors, where you can provide plenty of space and soft grass around to soothe any falls. In sports stores or specialized online mail-order stores, we can find many types of these devices, differing in purpose, prices, place of use and the age group for which they are intended. Let’s make a short review of the trampolines available on the market.

Types of trampolines

The most expensive, made of the strongest materials and often the largest size are traditional gymnastic trampolines – however, if our child does not practice artistic gymnastics or acrobatics, it will be an unnecessary expense, and at the same time we will have a problem with setting up such a device. At home, it would take up too much space (unless we have a private gym), and outside – it would not stick to an uneven surface for which it is not adapted.

Garden trampolines are a much better idea, which are made in such a way that they will ensure safe play for children (or adults), and if necessary, they will not take up much space stored in the attic or in the basement. One of the safest types, often chosen by parents of the youngest children, are net trampolines. They have protection against falling outside the trampoline rim. A special mesh protects the child, even if it has risen high, preventing it from breaking when it falls. Among the listed types, we can find models that differ in price, size, material, color, or special approvals or the lack thereof. Let us choose carefully, bearing in mind, above all, safety and then having a good time with our child.

Athletic springboard

Athletic trampolines have become known on the sports equipment market as the ones that offer the best security for their use even by the youngest children. Already parents of 2 or 3-year-olds can think about such a purchase, without fear that a child jumping on such a trampoline will hurt himself or fall outside its boundaries (which at this age most often results in loud crying and long calming down of the child).

What gives such comfort of use in Athletic trampolines are soft, skin-friendly materials (additionally available in their favorite, vivid colors). In addition, what many parents consider the most important advantage, these trampolines are protected by special safety nets. They have the right height and flexibility, which means that, regardless of the degree of ‘frisky’, the child will not fall from the trampoline to the ground. With such protection, you can calmly leave the child to itself, so that it can go wild, bouncing upwards. How much joy and laughter there is, only those who have tried such entertainment (or at least witnessed it) will find out.

Hudora springboards

Hudora may not be fully known on the Polish market yet, but it is slowly entering it with more and more products. We associate this brand primarily with safe sports equipment. The manufacture of Hudora equipment is characterized by German precision, attention to every detail and the highest quality and safety approvals, thanks to which we know that even the craziest sports discipline in which Hudora will support us will provide us with an unforgettable but also safe experience.

This is most important in the case of various equipment used by our children – which of the parents would not prefer to pay a little extra, to be sure that their child will come out safe and sound from every play and exercise. Such certainty is provided by the equipment of this German brand. If we are talking about sports equipment for children, one of the most interesting propositions that Hudora gives us are trampolines. Every child likes jumping, but families with a springboard often show… multigenerational interest in this new ‘toy’.

Speaking of which – if we buy a sufficiently large springboard, we will surely like jumping together with our child. Thanks to this, we will combine the pleasure of spending time with the child with taking care of our own physical condition and well-being. Especially young mothers will enjoy the fact that regular jumps on the trampoline allow you to lose your tummy, shape your legs and buttocks nicely, and also increase skin firmness. As you can see, trampolines are a great tool for fun and recreation for the whole family – everyone who tries it benefits from jumping and bouncing.