Two trillion Google search queries

Two trillion Google search queries: Contemporary man cannot imagine functioning without the Internet. Only part of the older generation does not take advantage of the Internet. When we are looking for a product or service, we do not browse advertisements in a newspaper or teletext, but open the Google search engine and enter the searched phrase. After a while, we get the search results. The search engine is a convenient, fast and reliable information tool. For companies, it is the perfect place for promotion. SEO is an effective advertising method that increases website traffic.

Unlimited positioning potential

Any material that can be read and indexed by Google’s web robots can compete for high positions in the Google search engine. The theme of the sites does not matter. Positioning of websitesis based on keywords and its marketing value is impossible to quantify. Every day Internet users enter a huge number of queries into the search engine, they look for various things. The number of inquiries is constantly growing, which is related to the popularization of the Internet and the increase in the number of global network carriers. In 1999, Google recorded one billion queries, in 2000 the number of queries increased to 14 billion, in 2001-2003 there were over 55 billion queries, in 2016 the number of queries reached an unimaginable sum of 2 trillion times. The quoted statistics best illustrate the speed of the Internet development and its importance for the world economy and social contacts. Positioning of websitesis crucial for local and global business. The presence in the Google search engine allows you to display your company’s advertisement even several hundred times a day.

The popularity of the Google search engine

Most of us type a search term into the Google search engine every day. Already more than 97% of Poles use it every day – they look for information, services, goods, and compare offers. Poles find most of the offers thanks to the Google search engine. Only the presence in high positions on Google guarantees the interest of the recipients. According to psychologists, people most often view the offers displayed in the first five pages of search results. That is why website positioning is so important for the functioning of any business. The higher the position of the company in the search engine, the greater the chance of clicking and attracting the potential customer with the offer. It is true that a company that does not SEO is practically non-existent in the mind of the client because the recipient does not know about its existence.

The benefits of Google positioning

Presence in the Google search engine is standard today. Positioning pages in the search engine gives you unlimited advertising space. Almost everyone uses the Internet – younger and older people. We search for an interesting website by entering a phrase in Google. Thanks to the positioning of the pages , the visibility in the natural search results increases and the page has a chance to appear when it is searched by the recipient. Of course, it appears in the company of other offers and competes for a moment of internet users’ attention. The user is usually looking for a specific thing or service. If the website of a given company is displayed on the recipient’s screen, it was sent to a potential customer who is interested in the offer and may use it. The better the positioning of the website, the greater the chance that the Internet user will choose the offer of company X instead of the offer of company Y. The positioning of the website makes the website appear on the screen of the person who asked the specific query. He is not an accidental recipient, but someone interested in the offer. Website positioning is a more effective form of advertising than posters, billboards, neon signs and all other forms of street promotion.

Mass advertising reaches random people as one of many stimuli during the day and is usually not remembered. Positioning of websites improves the visibility of the site, which increases the number of clicks on the advertised page. The customer enters the site of his own choice. Traditional advertisements have one disadvantage – they are present in people’s lives virtually all the time. A website with a high position in the search engine is visited when an internet user needs to read its content because he is looking for a specific product or service. Advertising appears when the recipient wants it. Search engine optimization takes time to achieve good results, but the effect of these activities is long-term. In addition to all online marketing activities, customer opinion is of great importance to the business and position of the company. A satisfied user will send the link of the given company to his friends.

The more often a company appears in the Google search engine, the more trust a potential consumer places in it. This serves to build the brand and awareness of customers. Increasing your position on the web always goes hand in hand with more traffic on the site. Each visit to a given website is a chance for the recipient to become familiar with the offer and make the transaction. Website positioning has become a standard of long-term marketing activities.

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