Unusual ideas for a wedding session.

Is there anything surprising today about a wedding session in a forest, a meadow or among sunflowers? No. And although they are still quite universal places, they do not make any impression on us. Currently, young couples want to stand out. Sometimes you feel a real breeze of competition for who will come up with a more interesting place.

It is true that the wedding photographer still appears at the wedding, wedding or the preparations themselves. After all, we want to devote most of our energy to the wedding session. This is what we care about the most. Young couples have high expectations here. A normal wedding session will not satisfy them. It must be unique and surprising. It is not surprising that we often exceed the limits of good taste and the sessions become kitschy. In order for this not to happen, it is worth listening to professionals.

Various scenery.

A dozen or so years ago it was much simpler. The wedding session was usually held in tasteful interiors. These were usually elegant rooms or gardens. Nobody was looking for oddities – what mattered was to rank a given event through photography. Today, almost every young couple wants to experiment and look for unprecedented solutions. Of course, we can look for inspiration on the Internet. What landscapes are worth our attention for an unusual wedding session?

An old, abandoned factory.

In everyday life, we do not even pay attention to them. However, if the time comes for an extraordinary wedding session, it may turn out that we are willing to visit the abandoned factory. We cannot immediately be convinced of this kind of scenery. We are often “scared” by the prevailing atmosphere there, but thanks to this we can create unique wedding photos. The advantage of such places is the fact that no one will be involved in our staff. Therefore, we can take many shots without any problems. The downside is that it’s not always safe. These places are not visited by anyone. They are left for nothing. Therefore, be careful about any kind of holes or when climbing the stairs to the upper floor. However, by being careful we can be very pleased with the final result. An interesting option for people who are not afraid of real challenges.

The ruins of the castle.

If you are looking for something abandoned, but the vision of an abandoned factory is not entirely romantic, it is worth looking for an abandoned castle. Here, the interiors, if we can say so at all, will be more classic and romantic. This group also includes palaces and even churches. A wedding photographer in such places has a really simple job. These buildings themselves create an amazing atmosphere – we can sense something mysterious. One thing is certain – these are very atmospheric places. All kinds of damage to buildings create a stunning effect in the photos.

Family town.

Perhaps not very inventive for most of us, but certainly sentimental. The idea doesn’t have to be boring either. We can take photos in places important to us – in a park, on a playground or at a pedestrian crossing! Any restrictions? Absolutely not! What can only limit us are our own ideas for interesting photos.

Shopping mall.

This idea seems more avant-garde. If we want to go there if we want to buy new pants, we may have some hesitations in the case of a wedding session. But that’s what it’s all about! Perhaps the place itself is not romantic, but it gives us many opportunities to get interesting shots. After all, we have almost all shops at our disposal, including a cafe, clothes shops, an elevator, a bookstore or even DIY stores. It must therefore be admitted that the place is really unusual. It also shows that there are no limits to this topic.

On the construction site.

When looking for extreme impressions during a wedding session, it is worth going to the construction site. We will have huge bulldozers and excavators at our disposal. However, we will not always be able to implement this idea. Such areas are usually guarded even after construction works. We still have to apply for a permit. As far as we have such a possibility, it is worth taking advantage of it.