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What is a pawnshop Warsaw?

What is a pawnshop Warsaw? Lombard is the last resort for many to maintain financial liquidity. Although pawnshops were very popular several years ago, they still remain on the market, providing financial support against collateral. How does this institution work? What is contract signing? What can be pawned there?

How does the pawnshop Warsaw work?

Pawnshops are typical of smaller towns where access to banking institutions is limited or not all want to use them. The word pawnshop itself comes from Italian and means a banker who made loans during the Middle Ages. The profession lasted until the 15th century. Nowadays, a pawnshop is an institution that provides financial support (loans) in exchange for a pledge in kind. After presenting the item, the employee evaluates its value, and then pays money under the contract for a pawnshop loan. After the time specified in the contract, the customer can return the money and recover the item. If not, the item is sold. The pawnshop charges a commission for the loan granted. To get a pawnshop loan, it is enough to meet simple conditions. The clients of the institution may be, above all, adults,therefore it is necessary to present an identity card. Besides, there are no other requirements. For this reason, a pawnshop is often chosen by customers who do not have credibility or creditworthiness, which are not checked here. A loan from a pawnshop is not listed in any debtors’ registers. In some institutions of this type, it is possible to use the object when the loan agreement covers it. In addition to the stationary offer, there are also online pawnshops.In some institutions of this type, it is possible to use the object while it is covered by the loan agreement. In addition to the stationary offer, there are also online pawnshops.In some institutions of this type, it is possible to use the object when the loan agreement covers it. In addition to the stationary offer, there are also online pawnshops.<

Lombard Warsaw – what can be pawned?

You can pawn almost anything at the pawnshop. There are items that have value and are not stolen. The basic rule that guides every pawnshop is whether the item can be sold in the event of a loan default. Therefore, items that are in demand are most willingly accepted. Therefore, you can pay attention to information in pawnshops, such as: buying bicycles or buying phones / gms. In addition, you can sell there: computers and laptops, tablets, electronics (TVs, consoles), household appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers), jewelry, unique and valuable family souvenirs, coins, antiques, sports equipment. Some pawnshops even decide to grant a car loan. However, the sale of bulky items is relatively rare. For high value items,The pawnshop may require proof of purchase to avoid being charged with stolen goods.

Lombard Warsaw and the lombard loan

The lombard loan is pledged as a form of collateral. The customer cannot get a loan if he does not present a valuable item. Most often, the item is stored in a pawnshop until the loan is settled. The contract specifies its value, estimated on the basis of the value of the item. The owner pays the customer the money in hand. If the loan is not paid on time, the item becomes the property of the pawnshop. The amount for which the loan is made varies greatly. Usually, however, it is lower than the value of the object indicated by the client of the object or the appraiser. Most often, a pawnshop gives an amount of no more than 30-60% of the estimated amount. Therefore, a customer who estimates that he will receive PLN 800 for a pledged phone may in fact count on PLN 500. By lowering the price of the item,the owner gains a lot. If the customer fails to repay the loan, he can sell it, so that the remaining part of the estimated amount is pure profit of the owner (in this case, PLN 300).

A Lombard loan has a fixed duration, usually from 1 to 30 days. Sometimes a long-term loan with a repayment period of several months is possible. The value of the pawnshop loan includes a commission – a minimum of PLN 10 per item. In fact, however, each pawnshop sets its own rate and adjusts it to the time of the loan and the value of the item. The value of the commission increases with the extended repayment period and the value of the pledge. To extend the repayment period, an additional fee can be made.

Lombard Warszawa – pledge agreement

The pledge agreement is a security of interests for both parties. Thanks to it, the customer can be sure that after paying off the loan, he can recover the item, and otherwise – the owner of the pawnshop has the right to sell the pledged item. In order for the contract to be drawn up in accordance with the law, it should contain: the client’s personal data, type of pledge and a detailed description of the item (along with its value), the loan value, repayment date and fees related to granting the loan. The contract should be signed by the pawnshop owner and the borrower.

When it comes to pawn shops, Warsaw is a city with many institutions of this type, especially in smaller and poorer districts. Before starting cooperation, it is worth getting to know the basic principles of its operation and the terms of financing the contract.

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