What is rehabilitation?

What is rehabilitation? Many of us have dealt with rehabilitation. Unfortunately, it would be very wrong to say that rehabilitation is almost the same as physical therapy. Is that a good comparison? no! Absolutely not. Physiotherapy is part of rehabilitation, and rehabilitation itself consists of many elements that together form a whole.

Each recovery room is a place where activities aimed at improving the quality of health of a particular patient are carried out in various ways. Of course, the form of return may vary depending on the problem we are trying to solve. Some recover from an injury, while others struggle with illnesses that require proper recovery from birth. What exactly is recovery? What activities fall within its scope? When do we need help from someone who provides rehabilitation services?

What is rehabilitation?

In general, it is a series of activities aimed at reintegrating patients into society and improving their quality of life. Rehabilitation is a series of medical, social and professional activities that must go hand in hand to achieve the desired results. Unfortunately, in Poland this field of medicine has serious disadvantages. This is mainly due to the very limited reimbursement by the National Health Fund, which means that only private rehabilitation centers have the ability to improve the quality of life of patients and influence their further independence. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it, which means that in many cases the patient’s health condition or injury caused by a specific accident progresses and there is no chance to cure it. Time is not an advantage here, among other things, it significantly affects recovery from illness or injury. In other countries, the subject of rehabilitation covers a wide range of activities. In addition to the recovering person, if necessary, this person receives professional psychological help, as well as the purchase of necessary medical products or accessories for a more effective recovery. Often this whole process, in addition to being very complex, is also very time-consuming. In most cases, recovery does not come down to a single visit, but is associated with a series of treatments that together affect the progression of the disease, more specifically, how it is treated or managed.

Choosing the right rehabilitation clinic

Not every physiotherapist is created equal, and as with all other professions, it is difficult to generalize all physiotherapists as a group on this point. Everyone is different, everyone has a different way of working, different experience and different scope of knowledge. If we want a specific rehabilitation office to help us improve the quality of our lives, restore our full physical health or simply give us a chance for a better life, it is known that only the best work. Let’s not choose any rehab just because there is a better rehab in our city. Sometimes it is better to visit a given rehabilitation office further, but at the same time make sure that we receive professional support and comprehensive care here to get the results we expect. This is a very important aspect to keep in mind if we want to be satisfied with the quality of the services provided.

So how do we choose the right place for us? Without a doubt, it is worth checking all the reviews on the web. Today, thanks to the possibilities of the Internet, we can really do whatever we want. Entering the name and surname of a given recovering person is enough to receive all the necessary information about him. If we see a specific person helping a satisfied patient who has recovered from a specific disease or has significantly affected his or her quality of life, we are more confident that he or she will be able to help us as we wish. But if we see negative reviews, are we willing to trust such a person and visit such a drug rehabilitation clinic? Of course not!

National Health Fund or a private rehabilitation center

Unfortunately, this topic has generated a lot of controversy and we would not be surprised when it comes to our country. When trying to make an appointment, we usually have to wait several months to register for the appointment. So how should this be effective if someone is injured and needs immediate attention so that the recovery room in question can restore the patient to health? How can the quality of life of disabled children be improved if only regular rehabilitation takes place here? In this case, only private care is a very good option here and that is what you should focus on. If we have the means, we’re on the right track. If unfortunately our funds do not allow us to provide private care, there are different types of fundraisers and agencies that can be applied for to help people who need medical care.

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