Where to learn to make tattoos?

Where to learn to make tattoos? Many people dream of being a professional tattoo artist. Nevertheless, not everyone realizes that the art of tattooing has to be learned. How to become a good tattoo artist? we answer. 

Unlicensed tattoo artist

Each of us is aware that getting a tattoo can beautify our skin. Nevertheless, incorrectly made graphics can hurt us more than help. Infection can occur, which in the worst case can even lead to death due to sepsis. What’s more, a badly made tattoo will be difficult for us to remove. Therefore, we must be aware that making tattoos is not only a pleasure, but also a great responsibility. Interestingly, in Poland, tattoo artists do not need to have any special licenses or permits to practice their profession. It is an unregulated profession. This does not mean, however, that customers do not pay attention to whom they entrust their skin to. Well, most often they go to a tattoo studio that employs specialists who have completed courses and have extensive professional experience. A good tattoo studio will not employ a person who learned the profession on their own. It is also difficult to set up your own business and gain customers if you do not have the appropriate knowledge and professional experience.

Tattoo artist course

To become a tattoo artist, you do not have to finish your studies or pass subsequent semesters at a post-secondary school. All you need to do is go to the appropriate course and get all the knowledge you need in the profession. It seems simple, but finding the right course for us can be problematic. Well, on most of them we will only learn the techniques of making a tattoo. This is definitely not enough to be able to work in the profession. Let’s invest in a course where we will also learn how to properly operate the equipment or sterilize it. Hygiene and health and safety rules are the basis in the profession of a tattoo artist. Every course we attend should end with an exam. After passing it, we should be able to receive a certificate. Don’t sign up for an online course. In fact, we won’t get much out of it. Let’s remember that in the profession of a tattoo artist, practice is the most important thing. The course should therefore have a mixed character – practical and theoretical. How much will we pay for this type of training? Unfortunately, it’s not too cheap. A good tattoo artist course costs PLN 2,000-3,000 on average. It lasts a few days (accelerated version) or a few weeks (basic version).


The future tattoo artist can also learn the trade on their own. We can find a lot of material on this subject on the Internet. We also look for sources of knowledge in bookstores or libraries. Nevertheless, we must be aware that learning a profession on your own is extremely difficult and time-consuming. We have to come up with all the information we need ourselves. In addition to theoretical knowledge, we also need to practice the art of making tattoos. For this purpose, we can use, for example, artificial leather. It is on it that we make the first tattoos, which will certainly not be perfect yet. People with extensive experience often criticize the idea of ​​practicing on artificial leather. They claim that it does not reflect human skin one hundred percent. This is true, however, artificial leather is the only way to learn how to do tattoos without harming anyone. Some advise you to make your first tattoos on your own skin. However, this is not the best idea. It is difficult to make larger graphics on your own. After all, a hairdresser doesn’t do complicated haircuts on his own either. Practicing on the skin of loved ones or friends is also risky. They may not be completely satisfied with the results, and the tattoo is relatively difficult to get rid of, although fortunately it is not impossible.

Learning in the studio

The best tattoo studio usually hires employees who have the appropriate knowledge and experience. Nevertheless, some also accept apprentices for whom they provide practical training. Of course, we must have some basis for this, but we can get it even on our own. Under the supervision of an experienced tattoo artist, we will learn all techniques, as well as hygiene and health and safety rules. Science combined with practice is a good solution for people who really want to tie their future with tattoos. However, let’s be aware that in the tattoo studio we will not receive remuneration, but only free vocational training. During this time, we will be the helpers of the tattoo artist, but we will do the work for free. Sometimes after graduation we will get a job offer, sometimes we have to look for happiness somewhere else. Nevertheless, studying in a professional studio can turn out to be a ticket to a career. If none of the salons in our area is currently recruiting, we can simply try to visit a few and ask about the possibility of accepting a person to study and help at the same time.

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